This specific organ of the feline has always been paid special attention by old Lickers owing to its striking properties which seem to come from another planet. Back in ancient Egypt they were a source of fascination to the pharaohs and priests. Initially they focused their attention on the lion but it bit a lot so they moved on to the cat.

Some of the amazing properties attributed to the cat's tongue are:

  • Super-fast speed. They can stick out and draw in their tongues up to 14 times a second to drink water.
  • Tiburum papilum. Cat's taste buds are shaped like shark fins which is why they scratch the weak skin of human beings.
  • Their use as a sponge. This means they can clean themselves and are always dead smart in their appearances on videos online.

All these extraordinary characteristics mean that Lickers think that the cat is an animal which arrived on this planet well before man and so any day now it could ask us nicely to leave...