Lickanthropes is the name we give to a Lickers' sector that converted the cult of the tongue into their religion. Their origins as a collective date back to the late 19th century and their popularization is attributed to the circles of the French cursed poets.

There has always been a misconception about what a Lickanthrope is. A lack of information and rumours have adorned the stories in such a way that literature and cinema have depicted an exaggerated version. It is said that they were mistaken for werewolves owing to their custom of pouncing on people to lick them. Lickanthropes love licks more than anything else and they proclaim themselves as priests when they believe they have acquired enough experience as lickers.

This religion was very popular amongst rock groups in the 1970's. Some such as The Rolling Stones and Kiss were quite open about this once they left the cult to pursue their professional careers as musicians.