On March 14th 1951 Einstein was leaving a ceremony for his 72nd birthday when a large group of journalists and onlookers besieged en masse the car which was going to take him home. The crowd blocked his way to sing happy birthday to him but Albert was tired. Of course he was, he was already old by then. The scientist had had enough of the fans' chants and the journalists' flashes and instead of smiling for the photo, he stuck out his tongue.

This gesture was a cry for help in code amongst Lickers who at that time were a secret society. If someone was in trouble, he'd stick his tongue out like Batman's signal in the sky to see if some fellow member nearby could help him. His fellow Lickers' members weren't too happy about the fact that he was showing his tongue in public as it was captured forever. But public opinion saw it as an over the top gesture. And so the slip-up by this illustrious Licker brought him closer to the general public forever.